Toadies at the Beauty Bar

On Thursday, September 21st, 2017 the Toadies headlined a show at the Beauty Bar with opening act Local H.

These two bands have been around for a very long time, but that didn’t mean that the show was any less rocking.

Local H fired off straight away playing a mix of old and new, and rocked the crowd from start to finish.

Lead singer and guitarist, Scott Lucas, pumped energy through each song, and managed to sway his amplifiers back and forth from his jumping and fist pumping. The audience was eating it up and stayed engaged the whole set.

They put their biggest hit Bound to the Floor in the middle of their set, and one would think it is to show that they are much more than just a one-hit wonder that managed to stay in the rock scene.

In fact, Local H was the opening act for Metallica for five shows earlier this year after winning a fan-vote contest to play on the big stage with the heavy metal powerhouse.

Toadies came on stage about 30 minutes after the dust had settled from the opening that Local H put on, and there was absolutely no let down in energy or sheer rock.

Churning out hit after hit from songs like No Deliverance, Rattler’s Revival, Possum Kingdom, Tyler, and even showcasing two songs off their new album (titled “The Lower Side of Uptown”) those being their first single Broke Down Stupid and Polly Jean.

Broke Down Stupid (Lyrics Video)

Toadies have been around for well over 20 years now, and most will remember Possum Kingdom as the “Do you want to die?” song, but their collective songbook rivals some of the most prolific rock bands that have come out of the 90’s “alternative rock” era.

Even after a band break up in the early 2000’s, the band has not dropped off in any sense of the world.

Watching Toadies perform in a truly intimate rock venue like Beauty Bar was like witnessing the rebirth of the mid-90’s age of rock for a whole new audience. It would be as if you could get another shot to see bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam and Soundgarden rocking out in a neighborhood bar.

Singer Vaden Todd Lewis even jokingly added that they put out another album to “prove we are still relevant.” They have and always will be relevant.

The show ended as fittingly as it started with the anthemic percussion heavy I Burn with two added drummers who each dragged a floor tom and snare drum on stage to bang out the thumps and thuds that the song is so known for having.

I had never seen Toadies play a live show until a few years ago, and the fact that they never let down their energy and commit to playing every show just as if they were playing for a stadium is as good as it gets when going to a live rock show.

If you haven’t had the chance, go check them out on tour this year, and get ready to rock the whole night!

Tour Dates:

Check out the new album:

– Isaac Kuhlman 

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