Hunny – Windows I

From Southern California comes Hunny – a group of kickass dudes with an 80s-esque pop rock sound. Since it’s release in May, I’ve found myself constantly listening to Hunny’s album “Windows I”. It’s safe to say that it has become my favorite album of the summer.

Right as Hard to Believe begins to play you can’t help, but do a little dance in your seat!  From the synthesizer that opens up the album to the backing vocals and guitar solo in Gilding the Lily – each song has a sound of it’s own, but the transitions between tracks flow fantastically. It is evident that a lot of thought went into the making of Windows I.

If you are able to, Hunny is a definite must see in concert. Watching them live is an experience in itself. The immense energy they have on stage no matter its size is unbelievable.

Catch them on the Love Like Revenge tour with Bad Suns this fall! 



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