Champagne Superchillin’

Some may reject them based off their name, but you’d be a fool not to listen to Champagne Superchillin'.


Recently relocated to New York, Champagne Superchillin' is made up of Juliette Shultz, Ben Trimble, and Charles Garmendia.

The trio are set to release their full length album "Destino" on September 24th, but until then, listen to their latest release Mon Loup. 

Mon Loup is an eerie yet relaxing song that makes you sway back and forth right at its start. The video is a kaleidoscope of colors almost making your eyes hurt and question your sanity, but it's fun, a little silly, and overall cool. Oh, and did we mention that lead vocalist Juliette sings in French? Watch the official music video for Mon Loup below!



You can also listen to Champagne Superchillin's first single Fragment! There's percussions throughout the song followed by a guitar that mimics the melody of Juliette's vocals. It's a mix of pop and surf rock that sounds similar to music from the band "Friends", but it's  given a unique twist with the French lyrics.

What are your thoughts on Champagne Superchillin'? Leave a comment below!

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