The Lemon Twigs

Don’t you just love listening to a certain artist or band for the first time and instantly getting overly excited because they’re just THAT good? That’s exactly how I felt the first time I listened to the Lemon Twigs!

Made up of brothers Brian and Michael D’Addario and accompanied by Megan Zeankowski and Danny Ayala, the Lemon Twigs are something you don’t hear quite often nowadays.

Through their sound, performance, and getup, these multi instrumental brothers truly capture the essence of rock n roll!

I had the privilege of seeing these guys on tour with Phoenix and man oh man, do they put on a show! With Brian’s wild dancing and Michael’s high kicks and epic drumming, they really get the energy rising in the venue!

After Brian sang a few songs and Michael played the drums, the D’Addario brother’s swapped places and showcased their multiple talents. The Lemon Twigs are a definite must see on tour! They don’t disappoint!

Listen to their latest album “Do Hollywood” with hits like Frank and Baby, Baby below!

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