Portugal. The Man – So Young

So Young, the latest from Portugal. The Man, takes us back to their “Evil Friends” album – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The beat and lyrics of the track are very similar to those found in the album “Evil Friends”.

For example, in Creep In A T-Shirt from “Evil Friends”, John Gourley sings,

“I just don’t like to pretend, That I could ever be your friend”

Then in So Young he sings,

“I don’t need to make amends, But I’m done going undercover, I just want to find a friend, I don’t need another lover”

Similar concept, but now he’s open to friendship? (lol)

Do we see any character development within these two songs?

You decide.

Either way, based off their latest releases, Portugal. The Man’s next album is sure to be a hit!

Listen to So Young below!

Listen to more Portugal. The Man on Astr0Mag! 

Portugal. The Man – Number One (ft. Richie Havens & Son Little 

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