La Batalla Festival @ The Glass House

La Batalla Fest is right around the corner, but what is it exactly?

The Batalla Festival, named to commemorate the 1892 Battle of Puebla, is an all day, all ages event held at the Glass House on May 6th!

The lineup includes 13 kick*ss bands:

  • Tijuana Panthers,
  • Billy Changer,
  • Santoros,
  • Colleen Green,
  • Adult Books,
  • So Many Wizards,
  • Wild Wing,
  • Cutty Flam,
  • Moon Ensemble,
  • Spooky Cigarette,
  • The Knitts, and
  •  The Big Nothing

as well as a few DJ sets!

This is an event you won’t want to miss! Purchase your tickets now


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