In honor of it being the last show for this part of Grouplove’s Big Mess Tour, let’s take a look back at the first show.


It was 9:55 P.M. on a Wednesday night. Usually at this time I’m sitting at home browsing Netflix avoiding all responsibilities, but tonight was different. It was 9:55 P.M. at the Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas and Grouplove was about to play their first show on the Big Mess North American Tour. The lights dimmed and the crowd grew wild. Almost inaudible from the crowds excited screams, New Level by A$AP Ferg began to blare from the speakers. One by one the beloved members of Grouplove joined the stage.

Grouplove made up of Hannah Hooper, Christian Zucconi, Sean Gadd, Ryan Rabin, and Andrew Wessen, released their third full length album Big Mess on September 9. If you haven’t listened to it DO SO RIGHT NOW!

“Big Mess” has a different sound from their previous albums. While listening to it you can feel how much they have grown as musicians and as people. Their energy has changed, but in a good way. They aren’t the same people they were when they wrote Never Trust A Happy Song, but that’s the point right? That’s what’s amazing about music. You can literally hear an artist grow.

They began their set with I’m With You – the first song on their album “Spreading Rumors . This comes to no surprise since it’s basically become their intro staple song. After that they played the energy filled Good Morning (one of my favorites). The rest of the night consisted of a mix of new and old songs including a raging cover of Sabotage by the Beastie Boys. I can honestly say I lost my mind. I mean c’mon it’s Grouplove! They’re a lively and fun group of individuals that really know how to get you pumped and excited to be alive.

After singing Welcome To Your Life, they stepped off the stage but reader don’t fret, they returned for an encore! Not only did they play one song, BUT three! They began with Enlighten Me, then Ways To Go, and ended with Colours. I’m going to say this now because if you’re going to be here for the long run, you should know this information. Colours is one of my favorite songs. When I listen to it, it conjures so many inexplicable emotions it’s literally insane.

There is something about hearing your favorite song performed live. You are caught between the feeling of wanting to cry or scream in excitement. Time literally stops. The feeling is truly transcending.

Would I see Grouplove again? HECK YES! because seeing them 3 times obviously hasn’t been enough.

They’ll be back in town in a few weeks for Holiday Havoc so we’ll see where life takes us 👀

Until the next adventure reader!

– Gaby

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