Cage the Elephant – Whole Wide World

I have to refrain from constantly posting about Cage The Elephant, but today I have very good reason to! Cage the Elephant are set to release their stripped LP “Cage the Elephant: Unpeeled” on July 28th with 18 of their songs and 3 covers! You can watch the official music video for their first release […]

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Music Video of the Week

Kerli – Walking On Air I was obsessed with this music video as a kid! I thought it was a bit creepy because of the dolls, but her voice and the graphics intrigued me. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before!   Watch Kerli’s “Walking On Air” below!  

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Juanes – Un Día Normal 

When you think of Juanes the first song to come to mind is  probably “La Camisa Negra”. When I think of Juanes I am taken back to simpler days when my sister and I would play his album, “Un Día Normal”, at full blast. This album, which was released nearly 15 years ago, is one of the most memorable albums […]

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