Getting to Know The Blonde Tongues

We got the chance to talk to Tampa based band, The Blonde Tongues! Find out how the band came together, who inspires them, and much more! Listen to our interview with them below and tell us what you think! Keep up with The Blonde Tongues: Band Camp Twitter Facebook Instagram Photo Credit: The Blonde Tongues on Instagram 

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Quack Boy – Ducky Momo

Earlier this month, Quack Boy released his first single Ducky Momo. We asked him a couple of questions about his song. This is what he had to say. Why’d you name the song Ducky Momo? My song is called Ducky Momo because it is an inside joke with my girlfriend. And now she calls me […]

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An Interview with Baz Francis

November 11, 2017: Late this April, Baz Francis released his first solo studio album “Face That Launched A Thousand Shipwrecks” followed by his album “Trainwrecks In The Desert / Giza 2017” – a live album he recorded while on the road in Egypt. We were able to speak to him about his music, his world tour, and what’s in store […]

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“Everything” Beach Bums

What a perfect way to end the month of September! The amazing band Beach Bums released their second album titled “Everything” and hosted two back to back album release parties in the weeks that followed. Before the album “Everything” there was “Lucid Dream.” “Lucid Dream” came out on Christmas of 2015. Included in this album […]

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Get to Know: Wolf Boy

When did you start creating under the name Wolf Boy? Wolf Boy is a thing I started back on the summer of 2016. During that time, I had an Indie band called The Jondoes, but I really wanted to do a totally different thing, so I had the idea of doing a solo project with […]

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An Interview with Airways

Airways is a 4 piece indie rock band based in Peterborough, UK. The band consists of Jake (singer/guitarist), Alex (guitarist), Jamie (bass) and Brian (drums). Though they formed in 2015, Airways have already acquire quite a bit of success. They’ve toured with bands such as Nothing But Thieves, they’ve played festivals in both the US […]

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Ryan Nelson – Easy Money

We were able to talk to Ryan Nelson about his latest single Easy Money. Tell us a little bit about your song Easy Money.  “Easy Money is my attempt to make a song with simple and sparse instrumentation without using any electric or acoustic guitar. Guitar is the instrument that I’m most comfortable with, so […]

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Bum Benefit

August 25th, 2017: The Smell in Downtown Los Angeles went well over capacity due to the “Bum Benefit” hosted by the one and only Beach Bums! That warm summer night was full of amazing energy and personalities. Hexed, Kicked Off the Streets, and Beach Bums took the stage to raise money for the homeless of […]

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