Just a little bit over a month ago, the music and art collective “Beach Bums” released a mesmerizing music video to go with their song “Irememberyou.” You can listen to the song off of their mixtape “The Goat PT.2”, which came out beginning of fall 2018. The video displayed candid shots of friends hanging out […]

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“Everything” Beach Bums

What a perfect way to end the month of September! The amazing band Beach Bums released their second album titled “Everything” and hosted two back to back album release parties in the weeks that followed. Before the album “Everything” there was “Lucid Dream.” “Lucid Dream” came out on Christmas of 2015. Included in this album […]

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Bum Benefit

August 25th, 2017: The Smell in Downtown Los Angeles went well over capacity due to the “Bum Benefit” hosted by the one and only Beach Bums! That warm summer night was full of amazing energy and personalities. Hexed, Kicked Off the Streets, and Beach Bums took the stage to raise money for the homeless of […]

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