The Carpool Lane 2020 – Week Two

If you haven’t noticed, I tend to stick to the same songs and artists because there’s just something so comforting in the familiar.

This past week I told myself I needed to at least TRY to get out of my comfort zone. Therefore, I set out to listen to the music suggestions I‘d recently been gifted. I also decided to do my own “research.” I really tried to stick to music that was new to me, but I couldn’t help myself; I just HAD to include Grouplove and SadGirl.

Anyways, here’s Week Two of the Carpool Lane Playlist!

(Do you know how tempted I am to type carpool karaoke? Who came up with this dumb name anyway?)


The Carpool Lane 2020 – Week Two

Bear // The Paranoyds

Dumb Beach // Chico

Westside // FMLYBND

Borderlines and Aliens // Grouplove

Feign Desire // The Haunts

 Avalon // SadGirl


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