The Carpool Lane 2020 – Week One

If we were in a bad relationship – even though we were apart for a long and I mean a LONG time – we would be celebrating our almost 7 months anniversary right now. But luckily we are in an honest, semi-healthy relationship so I’ll be the first to say, I messed up.

I put the weekly playlists off for almost 6 months because of school, work, and whatever other excuse people usually come up with. Life happens dude.

To be honest though, if I made weekly playlists during the time I was away, they’d consist of the same 5 Yungblud songs.

Yes, we were going through it.

So I say let’s just start over. Here is Week One of The Carpool Lane 2020 Playlist.


The Carpool Lane 2020 – Week One

Locket // Crumb

Adore You // Harry Styles

I’m Not Making out With You // Surf Curse

The Game // The Regrettes

Good Times Bad Times // Led Zeppelin

Blue // Hot Flash Heat Wave


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