The Carpool Lane Playlist – Week 2

I was honestly expecting myself to make this week’s playlist all about Cage the Elephant since that’s all I’ve been posting about, but on Saturday night, I had a change of mind.

It was about 2am and I had just gotten done hanging out with one of my best friends. Usually when I have to drive home at these hours I make sure to play upbeat songs that’ll keep me awake throughout the drive, but for some reason, this time it was different. I wanted something different. I went to my saved songs list and kept pressing shuffle or skipping each song until I found what just felt right. And so, that is how this weeks playlist came to be. Listen to it below and tell me what you think 🙂

Week 2:

The Night – HONNE

Highway Patrol Stun Gun – Youth Lagoon

Blue Coupe – Twin Peaks

Paul – Big Thief

Have You Seen – Sharon Van Etten

– Gaby

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