BadWizardFilms // An Interview with Herbert Guevara

When people think of the word ‘Art’ they typically are picturing paintings and museums in their heads. While this is still a huge scale of the concept of art… other spectrums often go overlooked.

There are many different forms of art! From painting, creating music, film, photography… the list can go on and on.

Film artist Herbert Guevara started shooting short clips to post to his youtube channel when he was around ten years old.

“I thought it was fun.. they were cringey though.” Guevara notes

He continued to make little snippets to post all throughout his pre teen years.

“Sometime after middle school I got uninterested in film and forgot about it until I graduated

high school. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, so I just kind of found my love for film again…”

The first video that Herbert ever put out for people to view was a lego video on youtube, and as you can see, his talent and artistry has broadened and grown since then.

All of Herbert’s film and photography he puts out captures people for who they really are. He does a very great job with adding beautiful colors and saturations as well, giving his photos more of a ‘film’ look.

“I really dig urban spaces for photo shoots, neon lights and fluorescent lighting is what i’m mostly looking for when it comes to night photography…” Herbert says

When I asked him about what inspires any theme or style he has for his art, Herbert said:

“I’m heavily inspired by cyber punk/goth and i’ve always wanted my photography to be vibrant and colorful… I’m inspired by movies like ‘her’ by Spike Jonze, Wes Andersons’ movies, Stanley Kubrick and artists like Liam Wong, Masashi Wakui, BRTHR, and been goth.”

Herbert not only does photo shoots, he also creates music videos, and takes headshots for up and coming models and/or actors.

Check out his art and share it with your friends everywhere!
Instagram | Twitter


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