The Red Pears & Beach Bums Reunite

From playing every other weekend together in the backyard scene, to taking on venues all over the country; The Red Pears and Beach Bums finally shared the same stage once again in San Diego.

The two rapidly expanding bands go halves with a bit of the same crowd, causing their fans to request the two acts to play a joint show. Their wishes were eventually granted when the two groups announced the show to take place on the 18th of February located at ‘The Che Cafe Collective’ in San Diego, California.

The ‘Che Cafe’ (for short) was a very welcoming, comforting, and inviting environment filled with teens and young adults who were jumping out of their boots waiting for the two bands to set stage. The cafe was filled with art, zines, and embracing messages painted on random parts of the building. Considering the ‘Che Cafe’ wanted to make everyone feel accepted with open arms, all food and beverages being sold were all 100% VEGAN!

Beach Bums took the stage first and allured the crowd with their dark mesmerizing lyrics and insane guitar riffs. By then, the people were having more than a great time and waiting for The Red Pears to play.

When The Red Pears came onto the stage with their bright eager smiles, the crowd started going crazy.

By every song the fans got louder and louder, yelling back each and every lyric. People were jumping, moshing, crowd surfing, and falling on the stage out of eagerness seeing one of their favorite bands play.

Having the privilege to see these amazing groups perform and observe just how much love and emotion they evoke out of their listeners is heartwarming.

Listen to The Red Pears and Beach Bums on any major streaming device!!!

Check out ‘The Che Cafe Collective!’

Beach Bums:
The Red Pears:


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