An Interview with Mikey Carnevale

Lots of great artists played this years Emochella (8123 Fest produced by The Maine) including Mikey from The Frights, who did a little solo set during the festival. He played a few bops just before The Maine went on and after both sets I got to harass him for a bit and got a nice little interview out of it – follow your dreams kids! Here’s how it went:

Your doing some shows solo, how do you hype yourself up before them?


Was 8123 Fest (Emochella) your first show without the rest of the frights dudes? How was it like without them, and preforming your own stuff?

Your favorite part about preforming at 8123 Fest? What was your reaction when you were first contacted to play it?

8123 was the 3rd solo show I’ve done so far. I enjoy doing it! I have a lot of fun messing with new songs because there’s no pressure. But I miss having my friends next to me on stage. I’m learning. 8123 was cool. Pop punk fans have no idea who the fuck I or the frights are and I knew that going in. So I just had fun with it.

Speaking of festivals, and playing emochella, you’re playing coachella, a huge deal, how did that come to be? Did they reach out to you?

What were you doing the moment you got the news you were going to be preforming it?

Yea Coachella is crazy. Our agent just got the offer ya know, business stuff. I don’t remember what I was doing. Probably talking shit on Coachella.

Essential tour snacks, ur at the gas station have 5 min 2 pee and snack, what do you get?

Lunchables. Or a hot dog. And a smart water.

What’s in your pocket right now?

My wallet, a guitar pick, and Chapstick with an emergency Xanax stuffed in the lid.


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