The Red Pears in the Desert

Everyone knows about the huge music festival Coachella, started in 1999. Fans are extremely eager to gain knowledge of who will be on the lineup just seconds after they finished attending the festival for that year!

Originally Coachella took place in fall, but as years progressed, the festival began taking place in spring; right in the middle of April. Another cool thing about Coachella is that when the festival first came about, a lot of the artists included on the lineup were rock or alternative. As advancement to Coachella took place, the founders switched it up throughout the years adding rap artists and pop artists to the lineup.

2019’s Coachella lineup is extreme. From headliners like Tame Impala, Childish Gambino, and Ariana Grande; this years’ festival will be sure to bring a huge crowd in.

The local Los Angeles music scene is especially excited because ‘The Red Pears’ will be making their first ever Coachella appearance. This is a big deal to a lot of the underground show goers and even the underground artists because The Red Pears are an indie/rock band from El Monte, California and started by playing backyard shows. Their audience grew rapidly and they are always begging for more.

Come show support to local bands making their way up at Coachella this year!!

Check out the full lineup for Coachella 2019 here!


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