The Music Theory Behind DELETE INSERT

On the chilly evening of March 17th, 2018, I finally received all of the answers I’ve been waiting for. Delete Insert took the time to sit down and answer anything I was wondering.

Being a strictly instrumental band, the members come with a great musical knowledge that typically wouldn’t cross a majority of the listeners’ minds.

Delete Insert consists of five members. Two guitar players named Jonah and Carlos, Marco, who is the band’s synth player, Josiah on the drums (fun fact: Jonah and Josiah are brothers!) and lastly, there is Jacob on the bass. While Jonah and Josiah are brothers, the rest of the band met through school.

For their entire lives, Jonah and Josiah have been involved with music and were always interested in creating their OWN music. At first the band started with Jonah and Josiah and Jacob messing around with their own band called “fourth”. The group faded away and Jonah was still very eager to put out some music, however, he didn’t have a band to play with.

“The start of “Delete Insert” was through me because half of the songs I actually recorded myself. I did all of the guitar parts, all drum parts and all synth parts,”  says guitarist and founder, Jonah.

After uploading a few songs the bassist player, Jacob, (before he was in the band) asked Jonah if his band could play for him at a show. Jonah got ahold of the friends that he knew would be up to play with him and Delete Insert was spontaneously created!

Thinking of a unique name like “Delete Insert” came easy for Jonah.

“We needed a name for our Soundcloud and I looked at my keyboard and saw “Insert Delete” and I was like “ah Delete Insert!” But it was also sort of a life thing because we’re constantly deleting things out of our lives and inserting new things. Experiences, people, constant change,” explains Jonah.

Although Jonah and Josiah have been musically involved their entire lives, it didn’t become serious for Josiah until the 6th grade when he started reading music.

“We all started our music theory journey in elementary school. Then we all carried on through middle school in band, high school in jazz band, all of us except Jonah did marching band as well,” says Josiah, the band’s drummer.

Jonah started on the guitar when he was only six years old. His father would teach him songs here and there. Not until he was ten years old did he start taking guitar a little more seriously by taking lessons. Members like Carlos and Marco got a start on music later in their lives. Marco started in his middle school’s band where Carlos started just a few years ago.

Considering it was Jonah who is the founder of Delete Insert, the first song he made completely on his own is titled Woe.

“That song was just me and myself on a guitar, I was very eager to put out something I wanted to create. After that it was “I don’t know what to call this song” and that’s when I really started messing around with recording.” Jonah tells me.

The band members themselves aren’t really even too sure of the genre their music specifies with. Ironically, Delete Insert consider themselves to be “instrumental ambient space jazz”, which I’m sure not many people can say they’ve heard that group of music before!

Delete Insert plans to strictly remain an all instrumental group and never incorporate a singer. Despite that, they are open to having other artists who are interested, featured in their music.  

The biggest challenge that the band faces together would be scheduling time for practice that would work out for each and every one of them. Bedsides that, the members themselves always come to agree on the ultimate goal and direction for the group which is to love and have fun with the art they are putting into this universe. Something each member agreed on was that they all solely play for passion and to escape their everyday “8-5” lives.

“To be quite honest with you, we haven’t played a lot of paid gigs just because that’s not what we’re coming for. We come to  have fun and play,” says Josiah.

With that being said, it is clear to see the devotion and pure admiration for all things music that derives from the very sophisticated band Delete Insert.

Check out their “instrumental ambient space jazz” music on Soundcloud!


One thought on “The Music Theory Behind DELETE INSERT

  1. I just wanted to say i’m a big fan of this band and can really appreciate you (Abby) for interviewing and writing about the underground music artists out there, as such! Such a great read, thank you:)


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