On the weekend of October 28-29th, The Growlers held a festival in San Pedro, California alongside many other bands. Butthole Surfers, Modest Mouse, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Danny Brown were just some of the few.

People are used to going to Beach Goth, something that The Growlers have hosted and presented for years now. However, due to The Observatory suing The Growlers, the band thought “Why not start our own festival?” Considering they still had a large following that would be expecting a Beach Goth lineup for this year.

The Growlers Six Festival Flyer. Photo via The Growlers on Facebook

During the time at the festival, it was easy to spot aliens, vampires, clowns, fairies and more having fun as people happily dressed up in their Halloween costumes for the event. Every band that performed was full of energy and eager to interact with the crowd and play their best music.

This two day festival flashed by in a second, but the energy and memories that came from it are going to last forever. Seeing people comfortable and happy enjoying the music and surroundings was something truly amazing.

– Abby

Listen to The Growlers latest release “California” below! 
Photo Credit: Spotify

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