“Everything” Beach Bums

What a perfect way to end the month of September! The amazing band Beach Bums released their second album titled “Everything” and hosted two back to back album release parties in the weeks that followed.

Before the album “Everything” there was “Lucid Dream.”

“Lucid Dream” came out on Christmas of 2015. Included in this album were a lot of really great songs that had a type of edgy garage music sound coming off of them. The band members were still in high school when the music was made, which is why some of the them felt like the work could’ve been better.

The band started working on the album “Everything” in August of 2016 and wrapped it up back in August of this year.

When asked if this is the longest the band has worked on an album, lead singer and guitarist Jonathan replied:

“Yes this is the longest we’ve ever worked on an album. “Lucid Dream” was recorded in 24 hours. It was recorded so fast whereas this was multiple weekends. “Lucid Dream”, you could tell it was rushed. To me, I could hear it was rushed whereas this album we really stepped up our game and took our time.

My art, I want it to be exactly the way it’s played in my head. If not I’ll lose it. So I made sure to really take my time on this album and make myself proud.”

As I listened to the album “Everything”, I came to realize that each song had a different sound, almost like each one was from a different genre, or a sound that Beach Bums themselves created.

I asked the band’s drummer, Keanu if the members had intended to make each song off the album sound so diverse from which he responded:

“We say “fuck genres,” but our genre is diversity which is kind of contradicting. The genre IS no genre so that’s the trick that people don’t get.”

Keanu and I talked about the contrasts between all of the songs on the album and how indeed there are multiple sounds radiating off of the songs.

There’s no need for Beach Bums tie themselves down to just one specific genre when they can be EVERYTHING.

 I asked Keanu if that’s what he wanted their supporters and fans to take from the album.

“Yeah, that’s how I feel about every album I’m ever gonna put out. Just me. Like that’s my style. Anyone else can do it if they know how. It takes time to do this style ‘cause no one else does it really. It’s rare. No one else does that shit and I kinda wanted to give people what it looks like and how it could be if they understood it.

A lot of people don’t understand that shit and a lot of people just think “Oh it’s been done. This has been mixed and that has been mixed. They made a genre,” but we don’t MAKE a genre. We just make music.

People like to misrepresent us… misinterpret us, but I mean, their misinterpretation IS their interpretation so you can’t get mad at it ’cause that’s just what they think about it or what they feel.”

Considering that all of the songs are multiple different sounds, I asked Keanu if the band members worked together on writing the songs or if each member wrote songs separately.

“This album was like a collaboration piece. We all had almost a hand or like an influence on each song, but at the same time we kind of kept each one as much as an individual persons work.

Like there are certain songs on the album that I wrote by myself and then we put them on the album as pieces of an individual person. I guess what we wanted to do was make a body of music with our individual bodies of music to make… music. Not a genre obviously. It’s just a collaboration.”

 I then asked Keanu what his favorite song on the album was: 

    “”Squander”. I wrote that entire song – the guitar riff, the lyrics… and I used to hate that song a lot just because I wrote it when I was really really young and I didn’t know what I was doing at all I just thought it sounded cool. I wrote it so long ago I think I was still 16 about to be 17.”

 With that being said, I furthered the question by asking Keanu how he knew when the right time was to use a song that the band may have written a few years back.

“I was waiting for my skills to improve and I was just waiting for myself to be more whole as a person.

I didn’t want to rush into it ’cause I look at all of these young artists and they rush into shit and they’re just gonna disappear and I don’t want to just not be relevant like five years from now.

Relevancy to me, doesn’t matters, but it’s important when you’re tryna just live off your vibe – and a vibe always has to be relevant in any situation. If you don’t really see it like that, then you wouldn’t really give yourself the title of being wise.”

Beach Bums’ guitarist, Randolph, isn’t extremely new to the band however, it is his first album he’s ever made with the band. Before becoming a part of Beach Bums, Randolph was a fan of the band – always taking super long train rides and busting missions to see them play.

The story and experience he has with being a fan to becoming a member of the band and expressing himself is something that greatly inspires me.

    “It’s honestly wild as hell. I felt and experienced a lot of things in the process of recording it (the album) and I’m a very emotional and sentimental guy so everything was captured in my work. Putting “Coca Cola” on there was sort of last minute cause I thought that no one would appreciate it. All of my solos were done last minute and “Swim” was recorded on my phone during band practice. So when I look at the album cover or listen to recordings and play the songs live I think “damn…I did this…with these guys at age 17-18… Why do I act so ungrateful?  It’s honestly a huge pleasure to work with these guys, I love them and the music we’ve been making.”

To wrap it up, I’d like to come to the conclusion that the album “Everything” is groundbreaking in my eyes – everything that this band does is. I can really tell the amount of heart, soul and effort put into this album. I’m extremely proud of these genuine amazing men and I can’t wait to see the many accomplishments they have set for them in the future.

 Stream “EVERYTHING” now on Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp

And don’t forget to attend the SPOOKY PROM hosted by the most handsome band themselves at The Smell in LA on October 14th!



– Abby

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