On a normal evening, on September 16th, the quiet neighborhoods of Rancho Cucamonga were set for a big surprise.

Vertigo Volumes, a production team based in Fontana had set up a secret pop-up show in Rancho. The show was advertised with psychical flyers that were posted on all sides of town and on the day of the show, the team released the coordinates of where the secret location would be. 

Along with the location, the bands set to perform at the show were kept secret. This was done because Vertigo Volumes wanted to bring in the people that normally only go to shows to see their favorite bands perform. They wanted to show people that everyone should support the music no matter what it is and that they should open up their minds to new sounds and art.

The show was held in a small house garage and was filled to its capacity quickly. A performance by solo artist Givic was followed by Delete Insert, Freckle Face, and then by The Melting Suns.

Comfort, joy, warmth, good energy and love are just a few of the thoughts that come to mind while remembering past mellow shows that I’ve been to. The Vertigo Volumes secret show definitely exceeded my expectations. All of the bands had amazing performances and Vertigo Volumes put so much thought and creativity to form the secret show for regular teenagers like me that find solace into going to backyard shows, meeting new friends, and enjoy music together.

 I don’t think production teams like Vertigo Volumes realize how much this means to us and every one of their supporters.

Help KEEP THE SCENE ALIVE by joining Vertigo Volumes at their next show “Fright Night Fest” on October 21st in Santa Ana.



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