Bum Benefit

August 25th, 2017: The Smell in Downtown Los Angeles went well over capacity due to the “Bum Benefit” hosted by the one and only Beach Bums!

That warm summer night was full of amazing energy and personalities. Hexed, Kicked Off the Streets, and Beach Bums took the stage to raise money for the homeless of Downtown LA. All the money raised at the door went towards making aid baskets for those in need.

The energy at The Smell is always genuine and pure. However, that night, I felt everything ten times more. 

More love. more laughs. More motivation…

The crowd grew crazier and crazier after each band performed.

 Not only did people come to support and enjoy some of their favorite bands and to eat great food (vegan tacos were also sold to raise money), they came to support those in need.

As I previously mentioned, absolutely every show at The Smell is wonderful, but going to a show with an extreme amount of heart behind it has definitely made a huge impact on me.

I asked the lead singer of Beach Bums, Jonathan, what inspired him and the rest of the band to throw this “Bum Benefit.” He said:

 “It’s always been a huge goal of mine to get Beach Bums big enough so that we can use our platform for cool things like throwing fundraisers, raising awareness on issues, and just helping out people in general. We finally felt that we were big enough to throw a big benefit event such as this, and as you saw, it turned out great. We raised roughly over $1000+ to buy supplies for the homeless of DTLA. Our goal now is to purchase them and donate them to a homeless shelter within the following week! It’s super exciting knowing the community is down to support stuff like this. We can all still party and all that, but in the end, it goes to a great cause. We plan to do more for other issues in the near future.”

August 25th at the Smell was definitely a night to remember. It’s so heartwarming knowing musicians and artists that are getting more fame and popularity still remain with hearts of gold.

Be on the look out for Beach Bums’ new album “Everything” due September 22nd!


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