An Interview with Vertigo Volumes

Early last month we caught up with Nick to get some insight on his production team, Vertigo Volumes.

Give us a gist of essentially what Vertigo Volumes is?

Vertigo Volumes is a production team I started based out of Fontana, CA. I create short films/interviews, host events, and provide a positive outlet for teens to express themselves with art and music.

What inspired you to start Vertigo Volumes?

Growing up, I was always interested in music and being a film director but didn’t know where to start. As I got to high school, I found myself as an outcast. Until I met some drama kids, every single one of them had their own personality and I knew this is where I fit in. Little did I know they liked the same music as me which was the whole Burger Records scene back in 2014. After going to numerous house shows and filming my favorite local bands. I took a step back when I was in the middle of recording The High Curbs “Fuck Everyone” chant they always used to do and was in complete aw. Even though a group of misfit teens were yelling “fuck everyone” at the top of their lungs – We were all together, nobody was fighting, everyone was smiling, and all our worries were gone. After that night me and my old partner talked over planning our first backyard show and the rest is history.

How long ago did you start Vertigo Volumes?

Vertigo Volumes started in January 2015 so it’s almost going on 3 years.

What was the first show you set up and how did you get the word out about VV?

Our first show was Vertigo Volumes 1.0 We had about 200 followers on Instagram and just told all our friends to repost the flyer, and the word got out and packed the entire backyard with 200 people.

Did you guys already have a good amount of followers? Or did it take you a while to build up to what you have now?

We’ve always had a pretty decent following especially on Instagram and twitter. We definitely have grown in followers over the past year of being back to throwing shows

What is your goal for VV?

My goal for VV is to expand to greater cities, build a solid team, and to give back to my community more often.

What’s the next VV show we can expect?

Our next show is in the works right now, we’re having a secret show in September with no social media flyers or any form of promotion. Physical flyers will only be posted around the IE with the coordinates to the location. A lot of people are asking why we’re doing this and my answer is why not?

What is the meaning behind the name “Vertigo Volumes?”

The meaning behind the name “Vertigo Volumes” is pretty simple and self-explanatory. Vertigo is defined as episodes of dizziness and a sensation of spinning with certain head movements. We wanted to name it after the feeling you get when your upfront moshing, headbanging, and screaming lyrics to your favorite local bands.

– Abby 

Follow Vertigo Volumes on Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date with all upcoming events!

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