Beach Bums – Lost In Translation

Are you anxiously awaiting the new album from the surf-goth psychedelic punk-rock gods, Beach Bums? We are too.

The band members themselves say that they aren’t limited to a specific genre, however, their newest single “Lost in Translation” is a rock tune that sounds like it came straight out of the ’90s!

The song begins with a smooth guitar melody, then quickly takes off with an exhilarating guitar solo, and meaningful lyrics such as:

“My heart belongs to you, I can’t avoid this truth”

“You’re all I ever want and all I’ll ever need”

Lead singer and guitarist, Jonathan admits that he’s had the ending outro riff since he was in high school, he just hadn’t found the right song or band to include it into.

“What’s funny is, I would play that riff if I was ever sad or feeling down and alone, it kind of helped me cheer up from whatever was making me down at that moment. Something about those notes playing in such a way got to me.” Jonathan revealed to us.

Not only is the song Lost in Translation a jam to rock out to with your friends, but it’s also a song where you can lay in a field of grass and appreciate it by yourself.

Lost in Translation is simply a taste of what we can expect from Beach Bums in their upcoming album. Prepare yourselves for the masterpiece Beach Bums has in store for us!


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