On the warm Spring night of May 19th, I took a trip down to the Legacy Room in Chino, California. That night there were a few bands set to perform – Beach Bums, Hexed, and Kicked off the Streets. School would be out the following week for the majority of the local high schools so every teenager in that joint was ready to work themselves into a sweat.

The crowd was rowdy from the very start, and having these amazing bands play one after the other only got the crowd even more thrilled! It was one of those shows where EVERYTHING was incredible! The music. The venue. The people. The screams. The crowd surfing. The mosh pit. EVERYTHING!

As the night went on, things only got better. The venue itself was fairly small; however, that night the Legacy Room was unforgettable. Precious energies filled the venue with the same goal: to have fun and appreciate the music we came for.

I met a lot of new people that evening that held me up when I crowd surfed, and they’ve become friends I still keep in contact with today. I’m grateful that concerts aren’t only a place where I can lose myself in the music, but also a place where I can find myself and enjoy the things around me more than I usually do, because of the people I meet and connect with.

Not only was that an amazingly wicked night for the bands and fans, but also for the Legacy Room. It is said that the night of May 19th was the biggest crowd they have ever had. The venue almost went over the capacity limit to ensure all of us die-hard fans would get what we came for: the music and THAT feeling!

Thank you to the Legacy Room for a night I will never forget!


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